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Niv Farago

Niv Farago is a proliferation specialist, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences at Sogang University, and a visiting scholar at the US-Korea Institute at SAIS. He holds a Ph.D. degree in politics and international studies from the University of Cambridge and is a former recipient of the Korea Foundation Field Research fellowship.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern politics and history from Tel Aviv University and worked for a number of years as a policy analyst for the government of Israel. In 2003 he was admitted to the Korean Government Scholarship Program for international students and moved to Seoul, where he completed his master’s dgree in international studies at Yonsei University.

Dr. Farago has taught international security and conflict resolution in leading Korean universities, including Yonsei University, Sogang University and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. His fields of interest include international relations and nuclear proliferation theories and conflict resolution on the Korean peninsula and in the Middle East. His current research focuses on possible solutions to the North Korean and Iranian nuclear conundrum and on South Korea’s nuclear policy.