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Yong-Wook Chung PhD

Chung Yong-Wook is a Professor of Contemporary Korean History in the College of Humanities at Seoul National University. Dr. Chung is the Director of the Research Team for Contemporary Korean Oral History, also at Seoul National University. Previously, he held the positions of Professor of Korean History at The Academy of Korean Studies, Researcher for the Institute of Oriental Studies at Dankook University, and Visiting Scholar in the Department of East Asian Language and Culture at Harvard University. Mr. Chung has also served on the Editorial Board of Quarterly Review of Korean History and The Review of Korean Studies and on the Advisory Committee of the National History Compilation Committee established by the Korean government.

Dr. Chung’s primary research interests include: the Korean War, U.S.-Korea relations, and Korean nationalism. He teaches a number of courses on these subjects at Seoul National University. Mr. Chung holds a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., all in Korean history, from Seoul National University.