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One Korea Forum

Kenney Auditorium at SAIS
1740 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20036

The Power of Freedom in Addressing the Divided Korean Family:
Empowering the Voice of North Korean Defectors

Through their writings and public appearances, North Korean defectors are playing a growing role in the groundwork for re-establishing One Korea. Many work with South Korean civic groups such as Action for Korea United to spread information among the people in the North. Globally, through their often harrowing stories about the reality of life in North Korea, defectors put a human face on reports of humanitarian crises and human rights abuses. Their exposure to the power of freedom has become a driving impetus in the quest for unification of the Korean family. This forum will feature the testimony of a young North Korean and explore how to more effectively support them.

Featured Speakers

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Co-Hosted by the Global Peace Foundation and US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS
Co-Sponsored by Action for Korea United, North Korea Strategy Center, National Unification Advisory Council – Washington, NKinUSA, Global Hanin, and One Korea Foundation

Featured Speakers
Edwin Feulner
Founder, Heritage Foundation
Grace Jo
Vice President, NKinUSA, North Korean defector
Cheol Hwan Kang
Co-President, Action for Korea United; President, North Korea Strategy Center; North Korean Defector and Author, “Aquariums of Pyongyang”
Choong Whan Kim
Member of Korean National Assembly (17th, 18th); Chairman, Institute for Peaceful Northeast Asia and Unified Korea
Jenny Town
Assistant Director, US-Korea Institute at SAIS