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Part I: U.S.-ROK Relations

ROK-U.S. Alliance Adjusts to New Realities, by Samuel Yim
Yim, a former U.S. Army officer who served in Korea, reports on the transformation of the ROK-U.S. alliance through return of wartime OPCON of ROK soldiers and developments in the base relocation plan for the U.S. forces stationed in South Korea.

U.S.-ROK Alliance: Looking Toward the Future, by Ting Xu
Xu, a graduate of Beijing Normal University who worked in advertising and development in China, Japan and the U.S., writes about the future of ROK-U.S. alliance.

Korea-U.S. FTA Faces Uncertain Future, by Andrew Anderson-Sprecher
Anderson-Sprecher, who is currently a trade consultant in a Washington, D.C. law firm, examines the uncertain future of the KORUS FTA and its political complexities.