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Part II: U.S.-DPRK Relations

The “Teeth of Diplomacy”: U.S.-DPRK Relations and the Six-Party Talks, by Rian Jensen
Jensen, who previously worked in Washington, D.C. on various security and political reform issues in Asia, surveys the Six-Party Talks and assesses prospects for continued progress in U.S.-North Korea relations.

No Doors Open: Displaced North Koreans and Asian Geopolitics, by Yumi Kim
Kim, a graduate of Princeton University who worked for several years in public service and non-profit organizations, examines the uncertain legal status and treatment of displaced North Koreans.

After North Korea: Rebuilding the Hermit Kingdom and the Transformation of a Command Economy, by Tania L. Askins
Askins, who worked for Salomon Smith Barney/Citigroup in New York, in their infrastructure finance group, analyzes the economic conditions of North Korea and possible scenarios for change and future development.