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Part IV: Korean Politics

The Politics of Inter-Korean Relations and South Korea’s 2007 Presidential Elections, by Thomas Kang
Kang, who worked at the San Diego World Trade Center and interned at the law firm Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP, reports on inter-Korean relations, North Korea policy in South Korea’s domestic politics, and the presidential elections.

Civil Society and the State in South Korea, by Michael Richardson
Richardson, who was a Princeton in Asia Fellow in South Korea and taught English literature and composition in Seoul, writes about the influence of South Korean civil society on inter-Korean relations.

Democratic Consolidation and Foreign Relations Under Lee Myung-Bak, by Shaw-Lin Chaw
Chaw, a graduate of the National University of Singapore who used to report finance business-related news in Hong Kong, covers the consolidation and transformation of South Korea’s democracy and the trends of foreign policy under President Lee Myung-bak.