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Assessing South Korea’s National Strategy for Green Economic Growth


Maggie Mazzetti examines President Lee Myung-bak’s National Green Growth Strategy and the extent to which it has addressed the issues at the heart of Korea’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions problem. She also addresses whether or not the policies presented truly represent the Korean government’s desire to adopt greener economic growth.

Maggie Mazzetti is a second-year M.A. student at SAIS, concentrating in Energy, Resources, and Environment with a regional focus on East Asia. In the summer of 2011, she worked as a researcher for the World Resources Institute’s China program where she monitored the country’s economic and political climate and traveled to Beijing to interview US energy companies involved in strategic partnerships with Chinese firms. Prior to SAIS, she worked as an assignment editor for CNN and produced pieces for CNN International’s Impact Your World and Connect the Worldin Indonesia and Sri Lanka.