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The Twenty-Year Crisis of the North Korean Economy: Reflections upon Two Decades (1992-2012) and the Search for a Viable Soft Landing


Ju Hyung examines the North Korean economy’s structural degeneration during the twenty year timeframe (1992-2012) and its overall implication. From the analysis of North Korea leader’s policy response in the post-Cold war era, he concludes that the DPRK’s structural degeneration was an ineluctable result of the political bargaining among incompatible options: striking a balance between regime stability and economic liberalization.

Ju Hyung Kim is a first-year M.A. student at SAIS, concentrating in Conflict Management and Korea Studies. After graduating from Seoul National University and majoring in public policy, he was involved in a number of field experiences ranging from finance to political research. He worked at Woori Investment & Securities, the Asia Society Korea Centre, and the Korea Institute of International Studies. He speaks French and Spanish, and is especially interested in the issue of nation-building and alliance management