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The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism: What’s New? What’s True?

In November 2011, the US-Korea Institute at SAIS hosted a series of workshops in Seoul, South Korea, to educate government officials, policymakers, press, and general audiences, about the lingering threat of nuclear terrorism. This briefing, prepared by Matthew Bunn (Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School), highlighted the types of nuclear terrorism that exists, the implications of even the smallest of nuclear terrorism attacks, and the international physical, biological and economic fallout of a nuclear terrorist attack. The briefing included case studies and policy recommendations for how to improve the overall international nuclear security regime.

Accompanying Dr. Bunn, were a panel of nuclear security experts to discuss not only the threat of nuclear terrorism, but how the Nuclear Security Summit process is working to help reduce this threat by bringing concentrated, high-level, international attention to the problems and commitment to improving nuclear security. These seminars also worked to educate the general public on what exactly is meant by “nuclear security,” helping to manage public expectations of the Seoul NSS.