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DPRK Economic Forum

USKI hosts periodic meetings aimed at improving the state of knowledge and understanding among those who study the North Korean economy. Experts and analysts discuss recent developments in the economy, focus on trends and discuss various policy change implications.

The DPRK Economic Forum was founded by Dr. Deok Yoon in 2007, while he was a Visiting Scholar at the US-Korea Institute at SAIS. Dr. Yoon is a Senior Research Fellow at the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), who has conducted extensive study on the North Korean economy.

The DPRK Economic Forum is currently chaired by Bradley O. Babson. Mr. Babson, who worked for the World Bank for twenty-six years, has studied the North Korean economy for the last decade and leads in-depth discussions among the Forum members on various issues related to and affecting North Korea’s economy today.

Forum membership is by invitation only and all meetings are closed-door. For more information regarding the DPRK Economic Forum, contact USKI Research Associate, Jenny Town.