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The “Pipeline Diplomacy” Russia- DPRK-ROK Gas Pipeline Project


Kwang-yeon Lee examines the background, progress, and prospects for the proposed Russia-DPRK-ROK gas pipeline project with an understanding that energy diplomacy within the proposed multi-cooperative framework will have positive influence on the stability and prosperity of the region. He provides a close examination of economic and political benefits that each country may get from the cooperation and analyzes the challenges that result from constructing an ambitious development project with a risky partner, North Korea.

Kwang-yeon Lee is a first-year M.A. student at SAIS, concentrating in China Studies. He is a 2010 graduate of Vassar College with an A.B. and departmental honors in Asian Studies. He has studied abroad at Peking University, and completed language studies in Qingdao and Tokyo. Chosen as one of the five Vassar Maguire Fellows, he matriculated in the Hopkins-Nanjing Center in fall 2010 where he earned his graduate certificate in Chinese and American Studies. After SAIS, he hopes to pursue a career in international development and macroeconomic analysis.